Fixed Radius for 1" Radius Skate Stopper Kit

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Orders of 100 or less require purchase of an epoxy applicator: SKU 124438

Each year millions of skateboarders, rollerbladers, and bikers take to the streets in search of the best places to skate and ride. Even with the rapid growth of skate park facilities nationally, your property has become a practice ground for disruptive and destructive activity.

These skate deterrents are specially designed brackets that deter unwanted skateboarding/biking by eliminating the long, smooth edges that skaters and bikers seek out. In effect, they are speed bumps for your walls, handrails, curbs, etc. Don't be afraid to think outside the box.

In the FR Series skate deterrent, the bracket is shortened on one end such that both pins are inserted into the same plane (ie/ both pins in the top of the wall).

This part is designed forwalls with a 1” radius edge. Model FR 1.0 is commonly used on 2” bullnose brick and poured concrete with 1” radius edge. This part uses two SMART PINS PLUS anchors.

Masonry drill bits, drive keys, hole brushes

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