External Mount Camera Lowering System

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External Mount Camera Lowering System with 80ft Flange

The utilization of a lowering system provides distinct benefits in both the design and maintenance of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and security surveillance. The lowering system allows the entire camera and housing to be unlatched from its position atop a pole or structure and lowered on a stainless-steel aircraft cable to ground level. When the camera is lowered, the only cable traveling within the pole is the lowering cable. The sensitive data and video cables are secured and separated inside the pole, which means the cables are not subjected to stress or bending over pulleys during the operation. Locking and guide pins cause the camera to lock into the exact position every time. This provides for safe, simple and quick camera installations, maintenance or replacement


Key Features

  • Eliminates costly and cumbersome bucket/lift trucks and associated lane closures.
  • Safe and simple ground maintenance or replacement of devices mounted to lowering system.
  • Maintenance, cost, time, and personnel reduced.
  • Lowers cameras, light fixtures, and other devices electrically in seconds or manually in minutes.
  • Mountable at any height or location on most existing structures.
  • Mountable to customized concrete, steel, aluminum, and fiberglass poles.
  • External system available for easy retrofit onto existing infrastructure.
  • Patented contact connector compatible for most ITS devices and cameras.
  • Contact connector disconnects electrically, allowing only movement of the stainless steel lowering cable during operation.
  • Eliminates engineering design constraints with regard to camera location, or mounting height.
  • Custom contact connectors for use with IP communications, coax, power, and twisted pair.


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