ElectroCut™ (EC) Film Signs

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How is the sign made?

3M™ Electro Cut™ EC Film is a sign making technique typically used for low volume street name and traffic signs. ElectroCut™, also known as E.C. Film, is used to provide transparent colored backgrounds. Available in yellow, red, orange, blue, green, black and brown, E.C. Film is durable, transparent and often used as the "go-to" technique for quick traffic sign turnaround

Features and Benefits

  • For low volume 1-7 single color signs
  • Fast production time
  • Same durability and retroreflectivity of a screen printed sign

Whether your traffic sign is screen printed or made with ElectroCut™ EC Film, rest assured you will receive only the highest quality traffic sign on the market. Please contact your local sales rep or click call for quote to find out more today

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