Double Sided Foam Tape

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Double Sided Foam Tape Has Abundant Uses

Cushioned, two-sided adhesive solutions can be used in just about any setting to hang items or keep them in place. They are also applicable when placing egress marking strips in difficult to apply areas. Much like traditional two sided options, double sided foam tape has an adhesive surface on both sides to make item fastening convenient and easy. Businesses seeking an affordable and dependable mounting solution have double sided foam tape as a choice for hanging signs, posters, egress marking system components, and placing any two objects together with the strength needed for long lasting adhesion. The tape is one of the most dependable mounting choices available for workplaces, schools, manufacturing environments, and product distribution businesses. It is easy to forget such a simple item when gathering necessary supplies for merchandise creation or internal use. Double sided foam tapes provide an easy solution that offers many benefits over more traditional choices.

What Benefits Are Supplied By Double-Sided Mounting Products?

On the business end, double sided foam tape has a plethora of benefits at an affordable price. Two adhesive sides create an easy to attach solution for any item that must be fastened to a wall or another object. The foam layer serves as a cushion for preventing damage to the item and the surface area. Additionally, this form of two-sided tape provides flexibility for less ideal locations where an item must be hung or attached to a surface. The most prominent uses of this tape form include installation of safety signs, directional signs, posters, egress markings, and non-permanent fastening of items. Double sided foam tape has these specific benefits:

  • Easy Application
  • Simple to Remove
  • Widespread Design Options
  • Strength
  • Visually Appealing
  • Affordable
  • Reliable

The cushioned layer prevents signs or additional items from harming the surface they are attached to and the tape alleviates issues caused by traditional brackets, nails, or screws.

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