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An innovative addition to the security arena, Wanco Portable Security provides quick and easy surveillance. Deployable in minutes, access cameras and sensing devices remotely and in real time. Keep an eye on all your properties, any time, from virtually anywhere in the world.

Wanco Security is an interactive, mobile command center. It provides a vast amount of information over a standard cellular connection, WiFi network, or satellite link. The unique platform is a wireless system that can be set up without the limitations of wired power or communications.

Deploy Wanco Security in virtually any scenario for short- or long-term needs. Versatile pan-tilt-zoom cameras and an integrated digital video recorder make site monitoring as easy as pushing a button.

Using the Internet, you have access to all available data via an industrial-grade embedded controller. Access live and recorded video remotely, or through the integrated control center. Survey the area with up to four cameras mounted atop the electrically hoisted mast.

Affix your choice of additional components to the top of the mast, including thermal cameras, radar units, motion sensors, and lights.


Additional Product Specifications:

SKU Camera Mount Height Camera Type Power Source
122392 26 foot dual electric winch mast Axis Q-6032E 1000 Ah AGM battery bank
122397 26 foot dual electric winch mast Axis Q-6032E 1000 Ah AGM battery bank

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