DeepBlue DIN-Rail Mount Dual Channel Bluetooth Sensor

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The DeepBlue sensors are designed by trafficnow® for the best quality Bluetooth® detection; for the harsh outdoor environment; for real-time wireless operation with minimum interruption.

The sensors are installed quickly on the roadside without disrupting the traffic. The configuration is as simple as choosing the phone operator from a list, or set up the TCP/IP connection. Once the Sensor has captured a GPS signal it will synchronize its internal clock and automatically start scanning for Bluetooth devices.

The DeepBlue sensor product range comes in a specially designed IP65 housing; a DIN-rail mount for controller integration or a ready-to-go cabinet for temporary setup.

The DeepBlue DIN-II Sensor by trafficnow® is a dual channel Bluetooth® sensor for integration in your roadside cabinet or traffic controller. Easily mounted on a DIN-rail or in a 3U rack. A unique auto-configured, easy-to-install side-fire Sensor that detects the Bluetooth® signals from vehicles; from hands free sets, mobile telephones and navigation systems. Operates in up to 12 lanes.

The ideal sensor for getting online travel time information and origin/destination information for improved infrastructure planning, or for public transport priority. Suitable in an urban environment, in a larger metropolitan area or on the interstate.



  • Travel time
  • Online web based applications
  • Traffic Engineering (O/D matrices)
  • Priority for public transport


  • Automatic detector configuration
  • Remote Sensor Access
  • Multi-lane, side-fire sensor
  • Vehicle Detection and Tracking
  • Recognition of Unique Identification for white list applications
  • Incident Detection / Travel time
  • Non-volatile memory data storage
  • Self test on power-up (LED indicator)
  • Low power consumption
  • Fast, reliable and secure data transmission


  • Cabinet integration
  • No external cabling needed
  • Field proven technology
  • Cost-effective solution for traffic management
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Each installed unit has the flexibility of performing a variety of tasks

Setup and Operation

  • The Bluetooth® Sensor is easy to install, and has no detector setup
  • By integrating the sensor into your controller cabinet no external cabling is needed
  • Operates with the DeepBlue Core Software
  • Install a tn server at your control center, or simply hook up to the Virtual Control Center


Additional Product Specifications:

SKU Bluetooth CPU Communication Environmental Memory Operation Power Regulatory Weight
119464 Dual Channel Operation; Two side-mounted antennas; 110° horizontal angle; 30° vertical angle. Detects all Bluetooth versions. More than 500 meters range -104dB receive sensitivity. ARM 9 Processor TCP/IP connector in the back; GPRS/GSM Quad-band; GPS enabled; GPRS remote sensor access -25°C to +60°C; 0 - 90% humidity 64 MB RAM applications; 2 GB Onboard non-volatile storage Linux based OS; LED for operations diagnostics; PCB for DIN-rail mount or 3U rack 12 to 24 VDC; 1.8W RoHS Compliant; CE Certified  

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