Curb Roller Concrete Curb Machine

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The CurbRoller presents a totally new concept in concrete. It is the only roller screed built solely for curbs.

The CurbRoller helps reduce labor, increases production and speed all while insuring a uniform consistent shape. The CurbRoller increases production by 50% over hand shaping and a face form.


  • Adjustable frame
  • Hydraulically driven
  • 3-5 GPM @ 2250 PSI required
  • Two way variable speed control
  • Handle pivots for desired operators position
  • Form guide insures uniform curbs
  • Pours up to a 32" curb and gutter
  • Lightweight drum and chassis that is easily transported
  • Interchangeable drums for different curb styles (one drum included with purchase of Curb Roller, additional drums are available for purchase separately)
  • Weight 160 lbs

Power Requirements

The curb roller runs off of any hydraulic power source with a minimum of five gallons perminute flow. Excess flow from the machine is alright as it will revert back to the power source at the flow control valve.

Additional Drum Styles to purchase separately are available on the tapconet store.

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