Cobra Heavy-Duty Manual Traffic Spikes

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These spikes are designed and engineered to allow traffic to proceed freely in one direction only. They prevent vehicles from proceeding through controlled entry locations by puncturing tires, while also allowing unrestricted passage for vehicles traveling in the allowable direction. Thus, they're effective and economical one-way directional unmanned traffic control.

The spikes are mechanically activated and engineered with spring-loaded teeth, along with a counter-balanced backup system that provides low-maintenance operation. Heavy-duty models feature a thicker (3/8") top plate and heavy steel construction.


Additional Product Specifications:

SKU Capacity (Weight) Top Plate Thickness Weight
109059 36,000 lb 3/8" 132 lb
116932-HD 40,000 lb 3/8" 139 lb
135185 40,000 lb 3/8" 139 lb
135655 40,000 lb 3/8" 251 lb
5874581-HD-R 40,000 lb 3/8" 122 lb
5874582-HD 36,000 lb 3/8" 132 lb

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