BLADE Trailer Mounted Attenuator

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Verdegro's The BLADE™ Trailer Mounted Attenuator (TTMA)

Arrow board and foil chevrons sold separately.

Protect your workers with the safest, most innovative and highest safety level, trailer truck mounted attenuator available. The BLADE™ Trailer Mounted Attenuator safely protects and redirects the impacting vehicle away from the "coffin corner" area at the rear of the truck. 


The TMA's strength comes from the composite aluminum welded profiles with 12 internal blades. During an impact, the first 4 blades cut through the aluminum composite H-beams and, after unlocking, 8 blades cut through the welded tubes. The remaining weak aluminum parts will bend away in safe directions. The patent is based on cutting aluminum H beams and tubes using BLADES.

  • Only available MASH TMA within the preferred values of 15G acc. MASH!
  • FHWA eligible and DOT approved in most states within the US and Canada
  • Tested on a host vehicle from 16,010 lbs. (7262KG) with an upper weight limit of 22,160 lbs. (10,033KG). Tested how it is used in real life!
  • Modular design, which results in lower repair costs and easy parts replacement
  • No hydraulic hoses or extra pivot points in the impact absorbing area. 
  • No additional hardware required for connection to host vehicle
Standard Equipped With:
  • Galvanized steel parts
  • Aluminum parts powder coated for maximum durability
  • Height adjustable towbar
  • LED lights
  • Wired cabin controller with function lights
  • Complete electric plugs for easy installation

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