160' Visual Warning Barrier Chain in a Pail

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160' Visual Warning Barrier Chain in a Pail

Our chain has been formulated to be free of heavy metals and phthalates. It is strong and durable with a UV protectant to resist fading and protect the integrity of the material whether it is used in-doors or outside. In fact, we guarantee that our chain will not fade for five years.

While our plastic chain is for decorative purposes, it also performs as a visual warning barrier for construction sites, industrial aisles, loading docks, etc. It is a cost effective tool for crowd control, creating an effective, high visibility barrier and for designating safe work zones.

Our chain complies with OSHA warning line systems as a visual warning system. It is not meant to replace or comply with OSHA mandated guardrail fall protection systems. It complies with OSHA’s color code and non-conductive barricades. Our chain is available in red for danger, yellow for caution, and orange for warning. As many of you are aware, plastic chain does not conduct electricity. It has been used in light rail projects for this very reason.

Used along with Mr. Chain’s stanchions or ground poles, it is a visual barrier, can close off aisles, for safety lanes, crowd control, and along walkways. This chain is recommended for use with our 2.5” stanchions and 2.5” ground poles. It can also be paired with our magnets and carabineers to create a loading dock lock out kit, or a lock out between machines and between warehouse racks. This plastic chain is made from high density polyethylene. The tensile strength for 2” plastic chain is 199 lbs. and the 30 day load bearing results are 30 lbs.


Additional Product Specifications:

SKU Link Length Tensile Strength
129631 2" 200 lbs

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