Parking Solutions

CHALLENGE: Threat of Vandalism and Theft

SOLUTION: Integrated Approach to Security

Due to the ever present threat of vandalism and theft, and a dramatic increase in terrorist activities in recent years, there has never been a greater need for comprehensive security systems. That is why we offer a complete line of products to provide an "Integrated Systems Approach" for your security needs.

Our approach to perimeter and facility access control is based on the integration of quality components, including fencing, gates, electric gate operators, anti-terrorist crash barriers, and telephone access systems, card readers and more. We combine theses components into the most effective security system your money can buy. Best of all, your access control and perimeter protections systems are designed to fit the specific needs of your facility.

Government buildings, military bases, airports, freight terminals, education facilities, and commercial complexes all need an "Integrated Systems Approach" for monitoring and access control. We offer security consulting services, system design and specification writing to ensure an access control system which fits your specific needs.

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CHALLENGE: Facility Security

SOLUTION: Cutting Edge Security Solutions for Total Command

Facility managers realize the importance of the safety and peace of mind of customers, students, and employees. When patrons are not comfortable and confident that they are in a safe and controlled environment they will find someplace else to park. With TAPCO's ability to provide end-to-end control of any facility, the issue of safety is greatly reduced. From monitors with on-demand play back, and cameras for access and exit control, operators reduce liability while patrons feel safe and secure.

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CHALLENGE: Wasted Time & Gas

SOLUTION: Parking Guidance System

Very few things are more irritating than driving aimlessly looking for a spot to park, particularly when running late for a flight or an appointment. With the price of gas and today's busy lifestyle, an efficient, hassle-free parking guidance and wayfinding system becomes an important asset to any facility. TAPCO will help to design, supply, install and service these systems from top to bottom. In addition, with our complete line of beautiful streetscape products, we can enhance and complement any facility's environment.

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CHALLENGE: Customer Comfort

SOLUTION: Booths & Shelters of Any Variety

From pay-on-foot to smoking and fully enclosed shelters, TAPCO can make the waiting or paying experience safer and more comfortable. Our Durasteel shelters stand up to any condition for years, and many arrive on-site fully assembled and ready to erect. The rigid frames allow for signs, lights or security cameras to be easily installed. Amenities such as these shelters often make the difference where people choose to park. These booths and shelters are another example of the variety of products and solutions available to TAPCO customers.

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CHALLENGE: Revenue Control

SOLUTION: Industry Leading Revenue Control Equipment & Devices

Your parking operation is only as efficient as your revenue management system. Strong and accurate control can be worth 5 to 10 percent of total revenues, which can prove to be huge numbers even in small to medium size structures. With today's complex rate structures, varying daily maximums, early bird specials etc, you need a comprehensive, powerful, parking management system capable of handling your unique requirements. From pay on foot to cashless transactions, TAPCO will make sure your revenues are optimized and accounted for.

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