Optimizing Your Intelligent Warning Systems Investment with BlinkLink® Event Management Software

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Unquestionably, investing in Intelligent Warning Systems is proven to protect all road users by reducing pedestrian-vehicle collisions, mitigating wrong-way driving and more. To get the most out of those investments, transportation professionals need to actively manage and monitor those Intelligent Warning Systems from one central location and gather actionable data.

The centralized management of deployments assists agencies in quantifying system effectiveness and areas in need of additional investment — and cloud software makes this possible. However, not all software is created equal, and understanding the benefits offered by each can be overwhelming.

To provide insight into one tried and true option, BlinkLink®, we’ve outlined an overview below.


What is BlinkLink®?

BlinkLink®, powered by TAPCO, is a cloud-based event management software. Agencies utilize BlinkLink® to manage, schedule, quantify and monitor single or holistic Intelligent Warning System deployments remotely.

By collecting real-time data, BlinkLink® provides transportation professionals the information needed to identify emergencies or system characteristics via voice, email and SMS notifications. Cameras can also be incorporated to capture images and video and facilitate livestreaming.

BlinkLink® communication is secured through various network configurations and may be integrated with third-party software via an application programming interface (API).

An API enables BlinkLink® to convert alert images and data into a user-friendly display

It also enables BlinkLink® to communicate with the ATMS, tracking vehicles with traffic cameras and warning drivers on system-integrated overhead dynamic message boards

BlinkLink® can be integrated with these popular TAPCO-made Intelligent Warning Systems:

What does BlinkLink® do?

BlinkLink® enables transportation professionals to access highly valuable information about their Intelligent Warning Systems in one central place from any web-enabled device. It is designed to be intuitive, responsive and, most importantly, actionable.

As Buck Hodgkinson, Senior Field Service Technician at the Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) said, “The cool thing about BlinkLink® is that it has its own diagnostics that come through and send emails. I don’t even have to go to BlinkLink® ― it comes to me!”

This user-configurable alerting enables agencies to proactively allocate resources to the right roadway locations.

More specifically, BlinkLink® will:

Notify: Keep your responsible parties informed when an incident is detected by receiving voice, email or SMS alert notifications with minimal latency.

Monitor: Easily program and view the status and activation schedule of every TAPCO Intelligent Warning System from the interactive map view and gather historical data.

Manage: Eliminate time-consuming site visits by remotely monitoring each system’s critical health and diagnostics proactively.

Report: Configure reporting parameters to develop a customized, comprehensive view of your system’s activity and implement best practices based on actionable data.

What's Enhanced BlinkLink®?

At TAPCO, we are always looking for innovative ways to add value to our exisiting products in order to increase roadway safety. With Enhanced BlinkLink®, we listened to our users' feedback and updated the system to now provide on-demand video streaming, status checks and data usage alerts, among other new features.

With this subscription option, you gain access to updated features, most notably advanced video capabilties. Users are able to livestream footage of alerts from their intelligent warning systems, as well as download footage for later review.

Additionally, Enhanced BlinkLink® displays the cellular data and solar current or voltage usage of each system for convenient tracking. Users can also opt in to receive notifications about their usage to help avoid exceeding their limits.


Leveraging cloud software enables you to truly optimize your Intelligent Warning Systems. No matter the software you choose, understanding all your options will ensure you make the best decision for the safety of your community.


To learn even more about BlinkLink® and get a quote, reach out here >

Nick Schmidling

TAPCO | Senior Product Manager

With several years of product and project management experience, Nick is an expert on wrong-way solutions, dynamic curve warning systems, intersection conflict warning systems, overheight warning systems and LED-enhanced signs.

He manages product life cycles from inception to realization and compiles traffic safety market research to drive innovative ITS solutions.

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