Internet Exchange Zones Provide Safe Haven for Online Buyers and Sellers

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Buying and selling items on the Internet is simple, but exchanging them face-to-face can leave people vulnerable.

That’s why police departments across the nation are establishing Internet exchange zones for citizens to conduct meet-up transactions.

These designated meeting locations offer an alternative to the usual Walmart parking lot meet-up, making online transactions safer for everyone involved.

Oftentimes, Internet exchange zones are located outside police or fire departments and are under video surveillance. Some police stations offer up their lobbies as well. Depending on each municipality, video surveillance is live during a set time throughout the day or 24/7. 

Custom signs are located at each designated Internet exchange zone and usually state what time video surveillance is active.

If you plan to buy or sell items through Craigslist, eBay, social media or other online marketplaces that require a face-to-face exchange, call your local police department and ask if your city, village or township has an Internet exchange zone for you to conduct your transaction.

Want an Internet exchange zone in your city? Let TAPCO design your city's custom-made sign.

Internet exchange zones provide safe haven for online buys and sellers
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